Brand X Sephora Challenge



Main Colors

The Brand X Challenge is for college students to compete in a brand sponsored design competition where the participant comes up with a campaign as well as a 3D experience design for the brand to use. Spring 2019 partner was Sephora and they wanted a campaign that focuses on their "We Belong to Something Beautiful" manifesto.

See Your Beauty, Let It Shine!

This project involved myself and my three teammates.
We wanted to create a campaign were the customer feels like they truly embody our campaign slogan. It encourages everyone to
be comfortable with their appearances and embrace what makes them beautiful. "See Your Beauty, Let It Shine!" is about what makes
you different is what makes you shine, and we want YOU to embrace the things that make you shine!



What's Inside?

This space is centered on the idea of diverse beauty and we incorporate different stations to reflect that. The customizable eyeshadow bar, the sephora squad panel, coffee bar, best sellers bar, goodie bag station and photoshoot area make for assorted spaces for customers to enjoy themselves while also celebrating their beauty and letting themselves shine.

Our space rotates around the photoshoot area, where we have a big makeup compact and puff to sit on as well as giant lipsticks with two beautiful walls reflecting our, and Sephora’s, making it a great photo opportunity! Customers have the freedom to explore and are guided by wayfinding text in every area on the ground. Throughout the space, we constantly show metallic, glittery and reflective textures to allow that “Shine” concept to come through.

Web & Social Media

Promotional Video/Animation